Disrupting philanthrobee by bringing fun and rewards to donors

Genesis collection

1850 NFTs - Sold out

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Gen 2 Collection

To bee announced

Mint soon

$100 000 and up to 30% of all the project's incomes to charity

Beeing part of an Association that helps the planet doesn’t have to bee boring anymore. On top of that, our commitment implies beeing able to guarantee sustainable support for the cause over time while empowering our community.

It is with this perspective that we crafted our Project: To bee the most transparent, inclusive and honest it can possibly bee.

By combining our unique NFT ecosystem AND concrete actions, we insure our project to bee profitable and long term while helping the planet and Rewarding our community.

Diamond hands rewards

Bees giveaway

Token and NFTs airdrops

Merch and goodies airdrops

Giveaways and airdrops

30% of the profits to the holders

3D printed figurine to paint yourself

Embroided merchandising made in France

Honey related goodies engraved in France

Unique merchandising

Weekly hold-to-earn rewards with our own utility token usable in the game and on our e-commerce store

Gamified DeFi App coming in Jully.

Provide liquidity and earn interests

Token and gameFi

% of the community fund allocated to the community wallet

Ability for holders to vote for the projects they like the most

DAO model to use the community wallet funds for investments


Bridging Metaverse and the real World

Financing of 35+ connected hives in the Real world with real time statistics

Receive the Honey your hive produced

Real hives building

Take advantage of the unique traits of your NFT to play our unique P2E

Grow your hive

Battle the elements

Compete the other hives with your favorites NFTs in our P2E Game

Play to earn videogame

Owning a NFT is nice, Making donation is louable.
But as a Bee hodler you’ll get lifetime access to all the benefits of our D.T.E Policy

Roles spectrum

Each bee, except the queens, share stats between different roles based on their attributes.
Each role has a specific utility in the Hive Five game.



May 2022

Genesis Mint

  • 1850 Bees genesis sale
  • $10 000 Donation to Bee Lovers
  • Diamond holders reward program
  • Legendary queens reward program
May 2022

Team building

  • Formation of virtual hives - One beehive per queen
  • Installation of beehives in France (1 for each virtual beehive)
  • Hives monitoring : Pictures, pollinated flowers, harvest schedule, beekeeper comments
June 2022


  • Merchandising store first drop : Holders of bees featured on the items will earn 30% of the profits
  • Sweep the floor : Buy back of the lowest priced Bees for burning / giveaway
  • DAO based vote to invest on most liked projects with the community wallet
  • DAO based vote to invest on most liked charity associations with the community wallet
  • DAO based vote to implement fresh ideas to the roadmap
Q3 2022


  • Gen2 NFT private & public sale
  • $Honey ICO & claims for Bees holders
  • Hive Five GameFi : Enjoy DeFi in an entertaining way
  • Hold-to-Earn : $Honey claims for each bee hodler on a weekly basis
  • Acceptance of $Honey payments on the e-shop
Q3 / Q4 2022

Hostility !

  • Will be announced soon... Try to guess it 🍯
Q3 2022

Tasting !

  • Each holder will receive one jar his hive’s honey
  • IRL honey tasting event. The winner hive will earn the honey cup
  • The honey extra production will bee accessible for everyone on our store. 30% of the profits will be allocated to the charity fund
Q4 2022 / Q1 2023

Hive wars !

  • Grow your hive, battle the elements competing the other hives in our real time strategy P2E Game
  • Earn $Honey by playing
  • Earn $Honey by lending your bee and earn interests
  • Hive Wars - The more $Honey your hive accumulates, the more power you have over the P2E honeyprinter

meet the team

Antoine Cadoret

Hive security chief officer

Lucien Chotard

Hive manager

Darill Black

Hive spokesperson executive

Our Partners / Collaborators


Which blockchain ?

HiveFive is based on Avalanche.

How does your project help save bees ?

Hive Hive already contributed to install 13 beehives in France as well as supporting our partners Car Elles Butinent and Bee Lovers in their educational mission. On the top of that, we will finance the installation of 35 connected beehives. In addition, a fraction of all the project incomes will be allocated to charity donations and educational contents will be create through the project as well as the organization IRL events.

Wen mint ?

Genesis mint : May 2022. Gen2 : Jully 2022.

How many bees there will be ?

Genesis mint : 1850 Bees. Gen2 : TBA.

How much will cost me to mint a Bee ?

Genesis : 1.9 AVAX Public sale - 1.7 AVAX Whitelist. Gen2 : TBA.

How to enter the pre-sale ?

We will chose the members based on the Discord and Twitter activity and involvement, the seniority and refferals.

How will the launch go ?

A pre-sale will occur to reward active members of the community, then public sale will take place.

Are there secondary market royalties ?

7% of the royalties will belong to the project and will be allocated to the community fund / charity / team.

What can I do with my bee ?

In addition to owning a great artwork, your bee will give you access to a virtual hive and all the rewards and giveaways scheduled while contributing to beehives installation. Your bee is also an access to the HiveFive GameFI & RTS game. Each bee have statistics that will be usefull in the game.

What is the $Honey and what is the utility ?

$Honey can be earned by holding your NFT, enjoying our gameFi, providing liquidity to the swap pool, lending your bee and will be usable in the game to buy items and grow your hive. $Honey is also the governance token of the DAO.

Read our whitepaper